amber gemstone jewelry

Often overlooked, amber jewelry can be an extraordinary, unique gift idea.

Amber jewelry has suffered over the years, because amber has been neglected by most jewelers. This leaves new amber pieces to be very few, but you are sure to find vintage and antique amber rings, necklaces, earrings, and ornate carvings.

Amber was very popular during the 20’s and 30’s, so if you purchase an antique piece from this time period, you may be wearing something a flapper from this time wore, since amber was a popular medium for the jewelry they wore.

Today amber mainly comes from two places in the world, Baltic states and the Dominican Republic. The amber from the Baltic states is older and therefore more valued by jewelers, but amber from the Dominican Republic is more likely to contain insects and that makes it more valued by fossil hunters and scientists. In fact, more than 1,000 instinct insect species has been discovered in amber.

Owning a piece of amber is like owning a miniature time capsule, since it is fossilized tree sap. That is why some stones have prehistoric insects trapped inside, they were unfortunate enough to become stuck in the sticky sap, and as the tree “bled,” the sap covered the insect over days or weeks. Just think, if you could obtain a vintage piece of jewelry from the 20’s containing an insect, it would be an extra special gift with very deep meaning.

Opal Gemstone Jewelry


If you are looking for a different type of gift this year, try opal jewelry.

Unless your birthday is in October, you have probably never had the chance to fully appreciate the beauty of opal jewelry. This beautiful gemstone can be a refreshing alternative to the standard jewelry. With all of the different varieties of opal, you are sure to find a beautiful and exciting accessory to match shoes and handbags.

In past history, civilizations have regarded opal as a powerful, or magical gem. The ancient Greeks believed it gave the power of prophecy, and the oracles all wore opal. It was a common theme in Roman jewelry purchased with uncommon wealth. The Arabic people even believed opal was directly from heaven.

Opal is generally a pale blue, but it comes in a huge variety of colors. Opal is found in a variety of places around the world, but there are two places where the most precious gems are found; They are Mexico and Australia. Mexico is where they find the best Fire-Opal. Fire opal is an exciting mixture of red, orange and yellows. Australia is where most of the black, white and precious opal is found.