Father’s Day and Graduation day are two very special gift giving times. There are many fine jewelry options to explore, and it can be a fun task to find the right present for either special day.

For dads there are elegant cufflinks and exciting watches with extraordinary functions. For grads the fine jewelry options range from classic gold hoop earrings to lariat necklaces made of colored gemstones.

Whatever the final decision is, it is important to keep in mind that there is something for everyone. We hope this write up will give you some ideas on the gifts available out there.

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Dads –¬†When The Going Gets Cuff:

Cufflinks are a great gift for dad as they are as individual as the man who wears them. Their history dates back to Louis IX of France who is believed to be the first person to fashion two buttons on a shirt cuff, adorning them with gemstones. Since then, cufflinks have been an essential element to the well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

They are a fun way to showcase individuality and taste, and as Elizabeth Florence, Executive Director of the Jewelry Information Center adds, ” We’re seeing a backlash against business casual. Men are realizing the fun of dressing well again. More and more men are wearing cufflinks with their suits. After all, why should women have all the fun with stunning jewelry?”

Another great aspect of cufflinks is that they come in all price ranges so that even children can purchase something formal for their father. Similarly, there are different shapes and themes for every personality out there. For the athlete, Fortunoff offers sterling silver “dumbbell” cufflinks at an affordable $45. On the other end of the spectrum is Deakin & Francis’s hand-painted and carved mother-of-pearl set in 18 karat gold for $1,800.

Other fun suggestions include the bull and bear cufflink for the banker, and the donkey and elephant design for the Capital Hill man. If your father doesn’t fit in to any of these categories, you can always go with classic silver, and monogram it with his initials or a special message. Whatever your monetary concerns, there is sure to be a cufflink in your budget.

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Watch Your Back!:

Whether your dad’s taste run into the high-tech or the highbrow, there is a wide variety of watches out there to excite him. For the techno-savvy dad, Casio recently introduced the world’s first wrist-type wearable camera, which stores up to 100 downloadable images.

For the man on the run, Timex offers the Ironman Fitness system, which sends its heart monitoring signals from a chest strap to the watch using digital FM technology. For the trendy Pop, TAG Heuer, official timekeeper of the Formula One car race, recently introduced the Kirium Ti5 Chronograph, which features parts made up of the same materials as a Formula One racecar- a titanium bezel and a vulcanized rubber strap.

Grads –¬†Classic Pieces:

diamond earring studs

Graduation is a perfect occasion to purchase a gift of fine jewelry that will become an instant heirloom. Graduation often symbolizes a transition into another stage of life, and classic pieces of jewelry such as diamond studs or a cultured pearl necklace, are sophisticated ways to move into the future.

Although the options are endless, two classic examples are diamond stud earrings, available set in 14 karat yellow or white gold, or contemporary bezel-set diamond stud earrings in shiny 14 karat white gold. Cultured pearl necklaces come in many different styles and lengths, and are available at a variety of price points.

Beautiful blacks, greens and whites are popping up everywhere, and the options for lengths range from a snug choker to the long flowing opera length. A wonderful option is a stunning Tahitian cultured pearl necklaces in 18 karat white gold, available in amazing jet black, pistachio, green and peacock shades.

Another beauty is the classic Grace Kelly cultured pearl necklace by Mikimoto, with a 24 karat yellow gold clasp in the shape of a rose. Chinese Freshwater Cultured Pearls are great if you are on a budget, and can even be found as low priced as some costume jewelry.

Time Will Tell:

As graduates are notoriously on the go, a watch is a wonderful token that reflects their busy lifestyle. A new watch can update any wardrobe, as well as keep the new graduate in time and in style. For the fun and funky, Seiko offers the Specialty ‘h watch in exciting colors such as blue, orange, putty and dark gray. Spotted on Kirsten Dunst and Madonna, these watches are a bold statement for the hipster graduate who wants his or her personality to shine.

As many graduates are starting their new career, Michelle MW offers a more classic and timeless watch in their Avenue Collection. As a study in refinement and style, this collection is available in stainless steel cases and bracelets, which will add sparkle to any business office.