sterling silver ringSpring is the season in which everyone bursts through the confines of winter wools and turtleneck sweaters and exposes their bodies in ways that haven’t been possible for months. Hemlines rise, well-pedicured toes are revealed, necklines plunge and bellies are bared. Fine jewelry takes the emphasis on exposed skin to another level with an enticing variety of body jewelry.

From belly chains made with 18 karat gold and diamond briolettes, to colored gemstones dangling seductively from navel piercings, and anklets made of finely woven platinum mesh, it looks as if the real stuff is the only way to reward a hard-won figure and celebrate the luxury of warmer days.

“For centuries, humans have adorned themselves with precious materials in an effort to display social status, attract the opposite sex, and extract the healing properties of earth borne elements,” notes Elizabeth Florence, Executive Director of the Jewelry Information Center (JIC), a nonprofit trade association based in New York City. “Body jewelry made with precious metals and gemstones is both magical and intimate and is an excellent way to jump into the spring season.”

Prana Gioia (pronounced joy-ya) has created an exciting collection of belly jewels made entirely of precious materials. Colored gemstones such as clear blue aquamarine, regal purple amethyst, lime green peridot, golden citrine and luscious pink tourmaline dance on 14 karat yellow or white gold chains, brushing sensual skin and giving any belly a Mediterranean feel. Diamond and 18 karat gold “chandelier” belly jewels reinforce the unconquerable qualities of a tight tummy. Navel studs are given an upgrade with dreamy white cultured pearls, pensive black Tahitian cultured pearls, colored gemstones and diamonds that nestle in belly buttons.

For those who don’t want to take the plunge into pierced navel territory, belly chains are an excellent way to enhance sexy skin. CassisĀ® offers 18 karat yellow or white textured gold and diamond daisy waistlets that are fresh for summer wear, and won’t wilt when worn as lariats throughout the cold winter months.

Sasha Samuel’s “Freedom Collection” contains an 18 karat yellow gold necklace with white and yellow diamonds that converts into a belly chain. The “wings” of this design make use of open space, offering an even deeper glimpse of exposed skin. Jose Hess’ “Garden Lights” collection 18 karat gold belly chain drapes coquettishly across skin, with diamond briolettes that dangle subtly against tan flesh.

Even feet demand attention with a variety of toe rings and anklets made of precious materials. Christian Tse designs a finely woven platinum mesh anklet that drapes on flesh with an indulgent weight. CariDawn’s Toesies collection provides the perfect accent to a summer pedicure, dotting toes with colored gemstones, diamonds and gold.

Fine jewelry has made sure that no part of the body is left unadorned. The flash of precious metal, the twinkling of diamonds or the sudden burst of color in unexpected places attracts attention from others, and offers the wearer covert feelings of eccentricity and uniqueness.