diamond jewelry

So you’d like to buy some wholesale loose diamonds!

Well, if you are looking to buy wholesale diamonds you will need to find a place that anyone can walk into and buy wholesale diamond engagement rings. Where do you start? Look in the phonebook? Look around the shopping malls?

Actually it is kind of difficult to find a company that sells wholesale loose diamonds… they don’t advertise in the phonebook, there is no big sign outside of their office.

If you did find a wholesale diamond company, they might not even let you in the front door. Why? If they are truly a wholesale loose diamond company they don’t want you to find them, you are not their customer. Maybe we should back up a bit and talk about wholesale diamond companies……

What is a wholesale loose diamond supplier?

If you ever get a chance to visit a true wholesale diamond company you probably would be pretty disappointed! Many of the diamond wholesalers that I have visited are basically a simple office with a few desks, maybe a computer, some diamond scales, a few large tables, and a bunch of big safes.

Diamond wholesalers tend to “cluster” together in downtown offices and they do not have offices in popular retail areas because the office spaces would end up being way too expensive. Diamond wholesalers generally have a small staff and have limited hours (no weekends or evening hours). They need to keep their overhead to a bare minimum because their “profit margins” are extremely thin.

The wholesale diamond companies generally have large inventories and they need to keep their diamonds moving into the hands of retailers. When the diamond wholesaler’s customer (the retail diamond jewelry store) needs a diamond to show to one of their customers (you), the retail diamond jeweler will call the wholesale diamond company.

The diamond wholesaler will quote prices and availability of diamonds to the diamond retailer and if the wholesale diamond company doesn’t have the proper diamond for the retail diamond jeweler, then the diamond wholesaler will contact their suppliers (diamond cutters or other wholesale diamond companies) in an effort to find a diamond.

Many of the wholesale diamond companies have extended family members throughout the diamond business and they will call upon those connections when doing business.

Thinking you can get a deal from a “wholesaler” is just a fantasy story that doesn’t happen in real life. If you want to get the best value for your money, we recommend checking out this list of┬ádiamond businesses and retailers who have built a great reputation for quality jewelry.

Wholesale Diamonds Don’t Exist to Consumers

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to “get a deal” at a diamond wholesaler but you will have to really be in the market for some “major bling”. A diamond wholesaler probably will not open their doors to you if you want to come in and spend $900 on a diamond engagement ring but if somebody who is “connected” (they know the right people) and they are ready to spend some serious money (many thousands of dollars) on a large, high quality diamond, well then the doors will most likely open for them.